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Costa Rica Immigration Lawyers – San Jose Law Firm – Costa Rica Citizenship

Professional Immigration Lawyers in Costa Rica. Visit us at: Call us at: +506 8766 6195 Costa Rica is a lovely country if you are looking at living in Costa Rica, or if you are planning on moving to Costa Rica. Discover A Lot More

House Tour At The Sundancefamily in Costa Rica – Look What we Bought In The U.S.!!! We brought some amazing things with us from our last trip to the States. In fact we bought 3 new suitcases to bring it all over with us. And if you ever wondered where we live, what we have in our kitchen cupboard, this Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Caribbean Side: Sixaola Border Crossing in to Panama – Facts!

The customs agents primarily speak Spanish, but if you don't, don't worry, there are usually a few people around who can interpret if needed. *BE SURE YOU HAVE A PRINTED COPY OF YOUR DEPARTURE TICKET! They ask you for it once you get to the Migration Discover A Lot More

Learn about Costa Rica with Gordie Gibbon

Enjoy this fun and educational children's video about Costa Rica! Gordie Gibbon introduces kids to the flag, wildlife, music and more from the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Great for families that are traveling there soon. Learn more at Discover A Lot More