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Discount Air Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect paradise getaway. An inexpensive Costa Rica vacation can be accessed using Discount Air Travel Costa Rica. Beautiful beaches, unspoiled rain forests, lively festivals, and warm sunshine: no other temptations can get better than these. But traveling to Costa Rica, especially when the entire vacation period numbers in more than a couple of days, can get expensive. The air fare expense usually gets the major share of the vacation budget, with a roundtrip airfare ticket to Costa Rica averaging about five hundred dollars for the lowest budget class. Add the entire family to the trip and the airfare expense alone can mean thousands of dollars!

Many times you can book discount air travel to Costa Rica as part of your travel package that includes travel to Costa Rica, lodging and travel to local attractions. In most cases these packages can save you a lot of money and help you upgrade to a better resort or lodging facility. Of course the best benefit you can realize is the discount air travel Costa Rica.

You can also find discount air travel deals to Costa Rica on the Internet as well. It is important to be as flexible as possible in terms of travel routes and times. Obviously air travel rates will lower during periods of low demand. In Costa Rica this usually occurs during the rainy season months of July through October. Generally direct flights from Miami, Dallas and other major hubs are more expensive than flights with several stops. Flights to Liberia are generally cheaper than those ending at San Jose. If you are diligent you can also find charter flights that have empty seats that can be accessed for a reduced fair.

You can also search for regional airlines that provide air services to areas outside the major metropolitan and resort centers. This may mean a flight to an out of country regional airport like Mexico City to link up with these regional carriers. Although inconvenient this may be the best discount air travel Costa Rica available.

No matter how you get to Costa Rica you will find that you have arrived to a beautiful tropical paradise with world class beaches, accommodations and national parks. Once you have tasted the beauty of Costa Rica you will count the days until you can return to paradise.

Tips When Travelling to Costa Rica

One important thing a traveler must know is a place’s monetary system and since Costa Rica is a haven for tourists, it is no exception. Are you planning on travelling to see the Costa Rican beauty?

Then check out these useful money tips you will find helpful.

• Colon is the country’s official currency. Although many large establishments: hotels, gift shops, restaurants accept the US dollars, a lot of local places and rural areas prefer the local currency. It will be wise to keep some handy.

• As with any other denominations in the world, the Costa Rican colon exchange rate fluctuates depending on market conditions. The most recent value of one colon is equal to $0.001938 U.S. dollars. A traveler can easily estimate a ratio of 500 Costa Rican colones to $1 U.S. dollar.

• If you are an American travelling to Costa Rica, have your money exchanged in your own country because some money changing shops might give you a poor currency exchange and charge a fee. For other travelers, Costa Rican banks may not exchange your homeland currency unless you have US dollars.

• Not sure if you should be using cash? Then it is wise to bring with you a Visa card and a MasterCard. Some establishments accept only one and not the other. Contact your credit card provider and advice them of your travel plans to prevent your account from getting frozen. Also, keep your card provider’s number in case the card gets lost or stolen.

Important Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica

In the past, Costa Rica was a hidden jewel. Today, it’s no longer a secret and thousands of travelers a year flock to this luscious paradise to escape the day-to-day worries of their chaotic worlds. Below are the top 7 important reasons to travel to Costa Rica:

1. Beaches – Over 50 white and black sand beaches. Visitors can bask in the sun or seek refuge under the shade of beach almond trees. The waters are warm year-round, perfect for swimmers and surfers. Cozy restaurants and bars are nearby so travelers can enjoy a fresh beverage or meal any time.

2. Parks/Reserves – Costa Rica is home to 26 national parks which safely harbor over 75% of the country’s flora and fauna. Some of the most visited national parks are Manuel Antonio, Arenal Volcano and Braulio Carrillo. Their natural beauty will tempt any nature lover to travel to Costa Rica.

3. Museums – Gold Museum is home to the most valuable collection of pre-Columbian gold in the world; exhibits include 2,600 gold artifacts, plus a collection of rare coins and bills. The Entomological Museum of University of Costa Rica, where visitors can examine more than a million specimens of butterflies and other insects.

4. Gardens – Most notable are The Butterfly Farm in La Guacima de Alajuela, the Monteverde Butterfly Garden and La Paz Butterfly Observatory. The latter is the country’s largest butterfly garden with over twenty species of butterflies soaring freely in a natural habitat the size of an American football field.

5. Volcanoes – Only five out of more than 200 volcanic formations are considered active: Arenal, Poas, Rincon de la Vieja, Irazu, and Turrialba. There are many hiking tours offered for the adventurer interested in travel to Costa Rica.

6. Wildlife Refuges – There are over 55 in Costa Rica and travelers are treated to sights such as Olive Ridley sea turtles, two and three-toed sloths, white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, wild pigs, ospreys, herons, and kingfishers.

7. Cultural Attractions – One of the most popular is the National Theater which was modeled after the art deco style of Paris’ Opera House. It’s decorated with Belgian ironwork, Baroque and Italian renaissance flourishes and 22.5 karat gold leaf.

Interested yet? I thought so! Call your travel agent today so you too can be one of the lucky people to travel to Costa Rica and discover its natural treasures.

When to Travel to Costa

This depends a lot on what you want to do, see and when you can travel. Costa Rica is good to visit any time of the year. There are advantages of the high dry season, but some would vouch for the low rainy season. There are a few places in the country which are best seen at a particular season because of the weather. The high or the most popular tourist season is the dry period which starts from November and continues through April.

It does not really matter when you travel to Costa Rica as there are always plenty of things to do and see. When you explore the numerous attraction options here, you may have a tough time deciding on what to choose or where to begin.

What to do in Costa Rica

In fact, you will find endless possibilities for activities in Costa Rica with a number of tours and attractions. The country is home to a breathtaking vast nature that offers boundless activities. No doubt the key attractions here are the infinite beaches and the tropical forests, but there are many other adventures and goings-on to explore.

Stay on the pristine beautiful beaches of Costa Rica that even today are relatively untouched. Water sports, relaxation and sun bathing can be thoroughly enjoyed on the sun drenched beaches. It is not surprising to find a concentration of night clubs and bars in and close to the beach areas where tourists come to unwind. Dance floors pulsate with live music and DJ’s. San Jose in the central valley has a very vibrant nightlife.

If you are a handicrafts enthusiast you can watch the traditional artisans in Guaitíl make Chorotega pottery or the Sarchí wood carvers modify rainforest hardwood into amazing shapes. Outdoor lovers can rent mountain bikes to explore the forests. You can spend a day cruising down the hill.

Canopy tours and Volcano watching are exciting activities. There are several tours organized for the benefit of the travelers including thrill ride on gondola or across treetops. Canopy tours have become very popular in the past few years. Arenal volcano is the main destination to witness fire belching, lava flows and rolling down smoking rocks but Irazú and Poás also are good locations.

Surfing in Costa Rica is well known and Lake Arenal with its balmy water and good wind speeds offers a perfect background for windsurfers. It is possible to rent equipment as well as take lessons. The country is enclosed by rain forests that start from a height of 12,000 feet and drops down to sea level within 70 miles. This has encouraged whitewater in Costa Rica and people of all levels can enjoy.

The country has numerous hot springs and a few of them have given way to spas. Hit these natural pools to relax. With mountains, canyons and rainforests, waterfalls can’t be far away. You can enjoy them from viewing platforms or hike up into the forests for a close encounter. It is easy to become an amateur bird watcher when in Costa Rica. Experience the extraordinary colors, plumage and calls with guides to assist you.

Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica is a tropical nation and like other countries in the tropics has rainy and dry season. It lies in the northern hemisphere but the names of the seasons are inverted with ‘summer’ starting in late November through April. This is not due to a large difference in temperature but because it is typically drier during this period. The rainy season lasts from May to December. April month does not experience much rain while September and October see heaviest rainfall.